Museum Displays

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Museum Events

The museum is involved in various events during the year.  During the summer months we sponsor Open Cockpit Days or OCDs.  This is a special time when visitors can tour the museum and Chuck Schumacher Aviation Air Park.  In the air park, you can look into the cockpits of the airplanes and former pilots of […]

McDonnell-Douglas A-4M Skyhawk

Aircraft’s Background Former Museum member, LtCol Chuck “Dutch” Sprietsma flew this actual aircraft fourteen times during his 20 year Marine Corps career.  Chuck flew with VMA-223, VMA-331, and MAG-42 (Det).  The Museum’s A-4M has been painted in the colors of the VMA-223 “Bulldogs” to honor his service. Another Museum member, Major David “Titan” Wilson also […]

Welcome to the Prairie Aviation Museum.  We hope you enjoy the display and exhibits inside the museum and the aircraft in the Airpark.  We have 9 aircraft and 2 helicopters on display.  We also have one piston and three jet engines (J57, TF-30 and A-4) on display. At times, like the Open Cockpit Days, we […]

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History of PAM

2020 marked the 36th anniversary of the Museum.  We are publishing our history in a series of articles in The Logbook, which is a bi-monthly publication of the Prairie Aviation Museum.  We will also be publishing those articles in this area of the website.  Please visit these pages from time to time to learn about […]

Membership Form – print and complete

Prairie Aviation Museum Membership Application Name ____________________________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________________________ State __________ ZIP _________________ Home Phone (____ )______________________________­­­­­­­__ Cell (_____)_____________________________________ Email  ___________________________________________________________                              YES  I want to help preserve aviation history __________ I would like to contribute $____________________       […]


We welcome anyone with an interest in aviation and space to become a member of the Prairie Aviation Museum.  The Museum has been in existence for more than 30 years.  Memberships provide critical financial support to our all-volunteer operation.  In additional to financial support some members also enjoy volunteering for the many opportunities of the […]

North American F-100 Super Sabre

Aircraft’s Background Prairie Aviation Museum received this F-100 Super Sabre in August of 2009 from the United States Air Force via the Chanute Air Museum.  Interactive Display Click on a colored PIN to display additional information (text, video, recording, images). This feature is an extra benefit as you walk around the display in our Airpark.  […]

Grumman F-14D Tomcat

Aircraft’s Background Prairie Aviation Museum received F-14D Tomcat BuNu 161163 in April of 2006 from the US Navy.  The final flight of this aircraft was to the Bloomington/Normal airport. People came from many states to witness the arrival of aircraft 205 from the VF-213 Black Lions.  It would be the last time most would see […]