PAM History Timeline – 1st 10 Years

This timeline covers the first 10 years of our museum (1984 through 1993).

In the Beginning

August 17, 1982

Organizational Meeting to Establish Prairie Aviation Museum

Norman Wingler, 2007 Benjamin Lane, Bloomington, is a member of Heritage in Flight Museum, Inc. and hopes to start a Bloomington-Normal chapter of the Springfield-based organization.

If the organization ls a success, the first project will be to acquire a DC-3 airplane that was built in the late 1930s and used chiefly to carry paratroopers during World War II.


First Patch for Prairie Aviation Museum

The shield with scroll is the traditional group color emblem display fashion of the United States Air Force. The deep blue field with nebulae, a symbol of clouds, alludes to the sky. The golden spread wings signifies our determination to fly our display aircraft. The silver propeller, along with the gold piped Army Air Corps emblem denotes our groups interest in historic aircraft. The red sub-field is to honor all pilots who have given their lives in the furthering of aviation. The green horizontal striping indicates the forests, and the even stitch rows of gold comprising the lower field the harvest producing plains of our prairie state. The emblem bears the national colors and the Air Force colors • gold and ultramarine blue.

Our First Aircraft

DC-3 (Sold in 2009)

June 7, 1984

Our First Plane

“Miss Mossback”, a Douglas DC-3, begins the process of getting an overhaul.


Miss Mossback – Before Overhaul

Notice the green moss she picked up waiting to be cleaned up.


Miss Mossback – Becoming Airworthy

No more moss!

November 19, 1984

Look, Up in the Sky!

The first time Miss Mossback caught a glimpse of Bloomington/Normal.

She’s Here!

You can see her crossing the runway after she landed.

Greentings at the Gate

Many were on hand to welcome her to her new home.