About Our Aircraft

Prairie Aviation Museum, as any other aviation museum, obtains military aircraft on loan for public display. The loan agreements state that the loaned aircraft must be cosmetically restored by and at the expense of a museum in order to comply with that signed agreement. This task can be daunting, as this requires research of the aircraft history and then the labor intensive task to prepare the aircraft for painting and detailing. The research portion will make the restoration project easier to complete as you follow the aircraft history.

The funding source for a project of this size is also very challenging. A contracted restoration project can cost a museum from $10 to $20 thousand dollars, based on the size of the aircraft and the amount of detailing required.  This does not include the expense of relocating the aircraft to the Museum. Through our volunteer restoration group, outside resources have been made available to assist us with our restoration to comply with both the United States Air Force and Navy Museums.

Once the major restoration project is completed, a work in process begins. The aircraft requires continued maintenance and cleaning. Volunteers, both members and guests, are always needed to wash these static aircraft to keep them looking presentable to the viewing public. Members and or visitors may adopt an aircraft and make it a group or family project to keep the plane looking good.

Volunteers are always welcome if they wish to be part of preserving our nations aviation history. We have nine aircraft under our care at this time, with the Museum currently working to add an additional aircraft.

Will you help? Please phone the Museum at 309.663.7632 and leave word where you can be reached or send us a email at [email protected].  One of the maintenance specialists will be in touch with you.