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F22A- Raptor

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Phil has been a member of PAM since 2015 and is currently the Board Secretary.  Phil became interested in PAM after attending a Special Event Day.

After graduating with a degree in Electrical Computer Engineering, Phil, a California native, worked at several Air Force bases in California as a civilian contractor.

Phil worked on the computer systems of multiple aircraft, but primarily the FA-22 Raptor.

My Story

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Phil primarily worked on testing and updating radar components for the F-22.  The highlight of Phil’s career was making a presentation at the Software Technology Conference where he discussed the techniques and processes for gathering test data across aircraft platforms.

Phil was involved in developing techniques and procedures that reduced the turn around time from identifying the “need” to the implementation of upgrades from 44 months to 18 months, which is critical for high performance aircraft.

Another great experience was a four hour flight on a KC-130 where he closely observed F16’s being refueled.