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Need picture of Big Tug

The Tug  was primarily used by the USAF.

Pete has been a member of Prairie Aviation Museum since 2003.  Pete has been a Board member since 2017 to 2022.  Pete passed away December 2022.

Pete was our coordinator for our Wednesday “Volunteer Work Group” responsible for maintaining the Air Park.

Pete served four years in the Air Force, primarily at McConnell Air Force Base from 1954 – 1958.  Pete’s primary role was crew chief providing maintenance of the B-47 Stratojet bomber to ensure it was always flight ready.  The B-47 could carry atomic and hydrogen bombs and was always on alert status.

My Story

Need picture with Pete by Tug and/or B47.

In the winter months of 1955 – 1957, while working on the McConnell AFB flight line on very cold winter nights of sub-zero temperatures, the Coleman was always a welcome sight.  

It was WARM as I sat in back looking at the nose of the B-47.  That was the one good thing about the tug as we towed the Stratojet to the Single Point Refueling pit to load on 17,000 gallons of JP-4.  

When we arrived at the SPR pit it was back into the cold night for 1/2 hour duty completing fueling of the a/c.  Those cold nights were partly why I didn’t reenlist.

Ironically, the summer temperatures would reach 165 degrees on the tarmac. Fortunately, the TUG was also air conditioned.

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