J57 Engine F100 and B52

Engine’s History

The Pratt & Whitney J57 (company designation: JT3C) is an axial-flow turbojet engine developed by Pratt & Whitney in the early 1950s. The J57 (first run January 1950[1]) was the first 10,000 lbf (45 kN) thrust class engine in the United States. The J57/JT3C was developed into the J52 turbojet, the J75/JT4A turbojet, the JT3D/TF33 turbofan, and the XT57 turboprop (of which only one was built).[2] The J57 and JT3C saw extensive use on fighter jetsjetliners, and bombers for many decades.


Planes using J57 without afterburner.

B52 - 8 J57 Engines
Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker refueling a Lockheed C-141B Starlifter.
Commercial - Boeing 707
Commercial Douglas DC-8
Lockheed U-2 Spy Plane
Martin B-57

Planes using J57 with afterburner.

PAM's F100
McDonnell F-101 Voodoo
Convair F-102 Delta Dagger

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