Earl Kaufman’s youth flight simulator called the Peashooter, named after the famous 1930’s Boeing P-26A

Gifted mechanic, aviation enthusiast, and PAM member (#46) Earl Kaufman built a youth flight simulator in his Normal, IL workshop and donated it to PAM. He wanted to provide children with an airplane experience and enjoyed sharing his creation with children attending the PAM air shows in the late 1980’s.  After many years of use, the Peashooter, named after the famous 1930’s Boeing P-26A, needed some tender care and restoration.

Four PAM members (Tom Kuhn, Gary Volk, Doug Reeves, and Karl Rubbel) disassembled the simulator, replaced worn-out parts, installed a windshield and painted it to resemble the Boeing P-26A Boeing aircraft.  A special thanks goes to Jim Wallen for refinishing the seat and interior.  Jim spent over 20 years as the creator and repair expert for the interior off Air Force One.

And a special thanks to John Rice and JOPAC Auto Paints & Supply for use of their workshop, paint supplies, great ideas and encouragement.  John and his firm are experts in auto painting  and he had many ideas that made the preservation a real success.