B29 – Enola Gay

This shadow box of the Enola Gay was donated to the Prairie Aviation Museum.  The donator was cleaning out an attic and discovered the shadow box and kindly donated it the the Museum.  

Of particular note, the pilot (Paul Tibbets) and navigator had signed the model of the Enola Gay.

The Enola Gay dropped the first atomic bomb August 6, 1945 on Hiroshima Japan.

The B29 was a very sophisticated plane that incorporated many new technologies, such as radar bomb sights for high altitude bombing and during extreme cloud cover over the target area.  The B29 also incorporated computerized gun systems for its self defense.  

Interactive Display

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Videos of Interest

Video #1:  Enola Gay – Actual footage of mission.  Run Time (02:24)

Video #2:  General Paul Tibbets – Reflections on Hiroshima  Run time (58:42)

Video #3:  Hiroshima: 75th anniversary of the atomic bomb Run Time (01:13) No Sound – After affects of the first atomic bomb.

Video #4: Atomic bombing of Nagasaki – BBC  The dropping of the second atomic bomb.  Run Time (04:05)

B29's Use of Technology: Radar for High Altitude Bombing and Computerized Gun Turrets