Do to the need to provide extra protection to our visitors, hosts and members  because of the Coronavirus, the museum will be closed to the public until the end of June 2020.  This break will also provide time for the museum to prepare for reopening and to acquire additional hand sanitizer stations, and other precautionary measures when they become available. 

If you have a tour planned at this time, you will be contacted if it is deemed necessary to cancel and reschedule your tour.  You may call the museum and leave a message if you want to plan a tour starting in July 2020

Stay Sheltered and Stay Safe and Wear a Mask


Welcome to the Prairie Aviation Museum.  We hope you enjoy the display and exhibits inside the museum and the aircraft in the Air Park.  We have 8 aircraft and 3 helicopters on display.  We also have one piston and two jet engines on display.

At times, like the Open Cockpit Days, we display a Delta 880 simulator and other items we are restoring.

Please stop and join us for a visit, tour, or one of our Open Cockpit Days.